What you get as an Openmind Projects Volunteer

What you get, our costs and volunteer donations

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What You Get When You Volunteer With Openmind Projects

What you get (For some projects, special conditions)

When you volunteer with Openmind Projects your fee supports the local economy since we are based in SE Asia. Program donations and the international airfare are tax-deductible in many countries. Speak with a local tax advisor to find out. We can issue an receipt for this purpose. Your payment includes a 295 USD non-refundable administration charge but only upon confirmation. Charges are subject to change without prior notice until you paid.

  • The organization of the project/placement and help finding cheap travel; flights, hotel reservations, pick up services.

  • A Free Start up Week with a 3-day Volunteer and Culture, Language Training Program in Thailand before you start your volunteer period. Free accommodation during the training. An offer unique to us, to ensure a good experience for you as well as the project!

  • Online Pre-Departure Handbooks with Volunteer, Travel, Visa, Teaching, Language and Culture Advice.

  • Accommodation (some projects special conditions).

  • Meals. Lunch and dinner week days (some projects special conditions).

  • 24-hour emergency support by our English speaking staff.

  • If you have special dietary requirements, you can normally get it at an extra cost.

  • Help with visa application to Thailand.

  • A Volunteer Training Certificate upon the successful completion of your volunteer training.

  • On request a Volunteer Certificate, letter of reference upon the successful completion of your volunteer work.

  • Former volunteers are welcome to visit, stay at our Training Center in NongKhai. The daily room rate is 350 baht including meals. A/C is 150 Baht per day.

    You are responsible for

  • Your travel costs to the country of volunteering.

  • Visa application and costs if required. We can help with invitation letter addressed to you to bring to the embassy, consulate.

  • In country travel, this is cheap. Many volunteers are picked up by the school or taken to the project by OpenmindProjects staff or our partners.

  • Vaccinations, medicines.

  • Your travel and health insurance. Important!

  • We also recommend trip cancellation insurance in case you may have to change your plans.

  • All personal expenses.

Our Costs. How We Use Your Donation

We rely entirely on volunteer donations to fund our work for field projects and volunteers. Volunteer placements are reimbursed for expenses for volunteer accommodation and meals. We don’t reimburse for extra costs for volunteers such as sightseeing or travel etc. but the volunteer can offer to pay for this.

Field projects and placement support

  • We design websites, brochures and other information material for our eco-tourism and wildlife conservation projects. We provide tour guide, hospitality and English training together with volunteers.

  • Travel costs: We visit field projects.

  • Travel costs: We travel to and prepare new projects/placements.

  • We reimburse placements for volunteer meals and accommodation.

  • We develop teaching material and methods, handbooks, computer and Internet- based material for schools, children, local teachers, villagers, and national park staff.

  • We arrange school holiday camps.

  • We arrange local teacher training with volunteers.

Education: Our trainees

  • We invite, on a rotating basis, underprivileged young people as trainees. They come from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma to our Training Center in NongKhai, for shorter or long periods, to get a chance to improve their English and computer skills. They have free accommodation and meals at our Center. We pay for some school fees too. We do not charge their families, schools, villages for any costs.

Volunteer recruitment and support

  • We recruit volunteers for our field projects. We do not charge the beneficiaries, the projects, schools or other field projects for any recruitment costs.

  • We develop and provide information, training material and guidelines for volunteers including in the online Pre Departure Volunteer Handbook, and the Volunteer, Teach and ECO Handbooks.

  • We provide in-country volunteer support.

  • We arrange monthly 3-day volunteer training opportunities in Thailand


  • We have costs for our Training Center in NongKhai and Volunteer House in Krabi.

  • Salaries to our local staff recruited from our field projects.

  • Costs for computers and other office equipment.

  • Other administration, such as legal and accounting.

  • We have no costs for our overseas contact persons. They help us on a voluntary basis. We only pay salaries to local people. All foreign volunteers work for free.

  • Website, telecom expenses.


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