Book review, Monsoon Country by Pira Sudham

Book review by Sven at Openmind Projects. Monsoon Country by Pira Sudham

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Real Thailand

Monsoon Country by Pira Sudham is a novel from the late 20th century. Itdescribes the clashes between new and old values, rural and urban Thailand. It covers years of change in Thailand and makes for a better understanding of the political turmoil in Thailand in the 21st century!

It gives insights into Thai life, especially that of the poor rural northeast of Thailand, Isaan, insights that few Westerners get to see, not even Thai Bangkokians!

Pira Sudham, a son of Isaan, who spent most of his grown up life abroad, but is now back in Thailand, writes about his own people and country, a fascinating must read book for anyone who wants the real feeling of what Thailand was and is, not the superficial impressions from Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya.


Sven Mauleon


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